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Coffee tables are the heart of the living room, a gathering spot for friends and family, and a showcase for your personal style. Our carefully selected range of coffee tables are designed and crafted ... Show more

Coffee tables are the heart of the living room, a gathering spot for friends and family, and a showcase for your personal style. Our carefully selected range of coffee tables are designed and crafted from premium materials like mango wood, natural oak, and features exquisite tops made of marble and glass, combined with sturdy metal legs for a touch of modern elegance.

Classic Coffee Table Styles to Suit Any Space

Our collection spans a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round, rectangular, and square tables, big and small coffee tables, ensuring there's a perfect match for every living space. Whether you're drawn to the rustic charm of a solid wood piece or the sleek sophistication of a marble coffee table, our offerings are designed to complement any décor style, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Coffee Tables Crafted From Premium Materials

Coffee tables in Australia serve not just as a convenient surface for your drinks and books, but also as a focal point that ties the room together. Our coffee tables offer a balance of functionality and beauty, providing a visually appealing centrepiece that enhances your home decor. Choose from our range of coffee table designs, each crafted with care and attention to detail, to find the piece that resonates with your personal taste and lifestyle. From French Provincial coffee tables to more modern designs using metals and glass.

Consider pairing your coffee table with a matching side table for added convenience and style. The right combination of tables can create a harmonious and inviting living space, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening at home.

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At Provincial Home Living, we believe that a coffee table is an essential element of your living room, reflecting your personal style and enhancing your daily living experience. Our selection of coffee tables is designed with this in mind, offering pieces that are both functional and beautifully crafted. Find the perfect coffee table to anchor your living room and invite relaxation and harmony into your home sanctuary.

Shop Coffee Tables In Store or Online

With a selection of quality tables, the friendly and experienced team in all of our Provincial Home Living stores can guide you through the choices you have, to find the perfect solution for your home. We also have experts online who can answer any questions you may have, wherever you are in Australia.

We provide Australia-wide delivery and shipping, flexible payment options include Zip Pay, and we offer a generous refunds and return policy – please remember to keep your proof of purchase.

For over 20 years, Provincial Home Living has been helping thoughtful shoppers find elegant solutions for elegant living. Take a quick trip through our table choices, or contact us for more information about the many coffee and side table options we have for you.

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