Re-imagine your home with a styling consultation from Provincial Home Living. If you’ve ever daydreamed about what your home could become, but would love some help, why not collaborate with our Design Studio to create a space that is truly yours. We’ll work with you to design a look that is tailored specifically for you – to your individual aesthetic, lifestyle, and your budget. Our Design Studio will be your guide on the exciting journey of transforming your house into your home with considered furniture, artwork, soft furnishings, and homewares selections.


Fill out the form on our website to get started on the exciting journey towards your dream home. Tell us about your vision, your needs, and your personal style.


One of our Interior Designers will contact you within four business days to get a better understanding of your home and request any additional images or information they need.


Your Designer will create a moodboard that is tailored to you and your home, inclusive of all furniture, artwork, home decor, styling suggestions, and a detailed outline of costs for your consideration. Your Designer will schedule a time with you to present the moodboard, and email it to you before the presentation.


During the design presentation, your Designer will talk through the moodboard and costings, plus any changes or additions you would like to make.


Your Designer will guide you through the ordering process, either online or through any of our 35 stores located around Australia.


Transforming Houses into Homes


    Wanting to start afresh? A Complete Room Makeover is suitable for for unfurnished rooms, renovations, or new builds. Your presentation will include suggestions for furniture pieces, soft furnishings (rugs, cushions, throws, bedding etc), lamps and lighting, decor (styling pieces, artwork etc), plus design advice and spatial planning.


    A Partial Room Design is perfect when you wish to keep a few precious heirlooms or investment pieces. Your presentation will include suggestions for complementary furniture pieces, soft furnishings (rugs, cushions, throws, bedding etc), lamps and lighting, decor (styling pieces, artwork etc), plus design advice and colour selections.


    When you just need the finishing touches to make your house into a home. Your presentation may include smaller, furniture pieces (eg. side tables, lamps, consoles), library or shelf styling, bedding, accent cushions and throws, dining table settings etc. Plus, your Designer will offer suggestions and advice for layering and styling.


    Our Design Consultants

    With a wealth of industry experience, our Design Consultants bring to life breathtaking interiors that are welcoming, lived in, and loved by their clients. Although they work independently, they bounce ideas around to achieve the best possible result and advice to each client.


    Interior Design Style

    A simple understanding of design fundamentals and styles, and the ability to identify which is which can be a great help when it comes to designing the home of your dreams. So what are the different design styles? Some of our favourite styles are described here to assist you.


Your Dream Home Awaits

Whether it’s one room, two rooms or the whole house - having a perfectly co-ordinated and styled home is within reach. Provincial Home Living offers a comprehensive design service tailored for you - your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. Simply fill out the form to get started.