Dining room accessories  There’s more to a delightful dining room than a magnificent table and chairs. The little things help turn every single dining moment into a gorgeous memory, fr ... Show more


Dining room accessories 

There’s more to a delightful dining room than a magnificent table and chairs. The little things help turn every single dining moment into a gorgeous memory, from the table setting, with napery and cutlery arranged just so, to food presented perfectly in classic serving ware to the decorative vase filled with gorgeous greenery in the centre of the table to the candles and candle holders creating your ideal mood. Create the dining room you’ve always wanted.


Cutlery, napery, serving ware and more

Cutlery that starts with designer cheese knives and ends with a classic cake server and takes a delightful journey through silver and stainless steel cutlery sets in contemporary styles and traditional looks. Placemats and napkins in a startlingly large array of styles and colours and patterns, from fun Sunday afternoon spots and colours and stripes to refined fabrics and designer placemats. Glass bowls and platters and trays and everything you need to set the perfect scene.


A huge range of kitchen and dining accessories

Set the perfect dinner table with Provincial Home Living’s magnificently large and diverse selection of dining room accessories, decorative accents and touches: 

      Candles and Candle Holders: from tapered classic styles to large pot candles for setting a mood from a quiet corner

      Chair Pads: a range of style and colours, for any chair you need to complement

      Cutlery: from classic steel and silver sets to French provincial style sets to contemporary minimalist designs

      Dinnerware: take a look at the diverse options and pick a set you like

      Glassware: all kids of glassware for all kinds of occasions

      Napery: placemats and napkins in linen and cotton in an array of styles

      Serving ware: metal and ceramic, trays and bowls, for all your serving and presentation requirements 

      Mugs and Cups: for casual dinners or formal occasions

      Vases: a huge range of decorative vases

      Greenery: beautiful artificial greenery to set a mood and bring a splash of colour to any meal.


Shop online for your kitchen accessories

The kitchen or dining room of your dreams is waiting for you at Provincial Home Living. 

With a selection of quality furniture and accessories, the friendly and experienced team in all our Provincial Home Living stores can guide you through the choices you have, to find the perfect solution for your home. We also have experts online who can answer any questions you may have, wherever you are in Australia. 

We provide Australia-wide delivery and shipping, flexible payment options include Zip Pay, and we offer a generous refunds and return policy – please remember to keep your proof of purchase.


For almost 20 years, Provincial Home Living has been helping thoughtful shoppers find elegant solutions for elegant living. Take a quick trip through our huge range of kitchen accessories, or contact us for more information about the many kitchen and dining room options we have for you.

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