At Provincial Home Living, we have crafted an inspiring collection of homewares and furniture to transform your home into an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. A place where time slips by, a place where you and your loved ones can relax in the warmth of your surroundings. We believe your home can be a place that evokes pride and passion, as well as a place that invites relaxation and harmony. Provincial Home Living helps you create your sanctuary with homewares and furnishing that are distinguished by their timeless style and reliable quality at an affordable price. We pursue timeless style that transcends passing fashion or trends from provincial destinations around the globe. Designed in Melbourne, manufactured around the globe, Provincial Home Living will nestle in your heart.

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Provincial Home Living originated in Wangaratta's Reid Street early in 2002 where the Provincial founders owned a small store. Beginning as a hobby, the generic manchester store reopened it's doors with a fresh outlook on retail, bringing a new approach in homewares and furniture which was readily embraced. Following the success of the Wangaratta store, a site became available in Bendigo, then Ballarat and so the Provincial Home Living adventure really began. The journey continued through the years and country Victoria opening another seven stores. The concept of the products and the presentation was refined and then inroads were made into Melbourne, Canberra and Albury. In 2012 the first superstore was opened in Adelaide, followed by another in Mornington, Victoria. The opening of our first Sydney store in December 2013 and most recently the opening of two Brisbane stores in 2016. In just over 20 years Provincial Home Living has grown from one small country store to a large business with 35 stores across Australia and the aspiration to open more superstores. Provincial Home Living is still proudly family owned and managed. Inspiration for the evolving range of furniture, accessories and homewares is taken from around the world, focusing on enduring classics and timeless, understated elegance to design pieces that transcend oceans and centuries to fit into modern lifestyles. The pieces are beautiful but not precious, designed to be used and enjoyed daily by the whole family. They will stand the test of time and nestle in the heart and home of the people who invite them into their home.

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